Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

just luck....!!! Volcom Indonesia

I cant believe i win something that i never play from
@VolcomIndonesia, i win tee designed by: Elvis Segarich
on June, 7th 2011....
just following @VolcomIndonesia on twitter!

Yups, just my lucky day!

I wish someday Volcom using my design... lol
*ngayal ke langit 7*

BangLYCH - Revenge Horror (.ttf)

* Click Image to download *

and here is another work,
messing arround and exploring my ideas to build something usefull...

I called it BangLYCH -Revenge Horror (.ttf)
(for windows)

yes y'all can download and install for personal use
and please let me know if you working it...

So Sorry!!!

Yups, I was getting late to post something.
sorry "bout that....

for these Brand Company that i working on (ARLiVA® Kosmetik)
for a few a month ago from latest year 2010 till now...

my job is designing entire promotion products and packaging.
(Sample can not be posting.... Client Rules)
so i break tee designing for a while...
*money talk..... LOL

No, I'm still a freelance (Regular) for CV.Nazla not an employee
at least i can spread my wings for another clients. LOL..